Partnership Agreements

A partnership can be as simple as two people opening up a lemonade stand together. One person will make and serve the lemonade while the other provides the financing to get the stand up and running. Many ideas start in this basic mold but when disagreements arise or the operation fails, you should be aware of some of the laws with respect to partnerships. First, when there is no agreement spelling out how to share losses, partners will be required to share equally. A related rule under the Uniform Partnership Act is that any partner’s act will have the authority to bind the partnership unless the partnership agreement states to the contrary. For example, if partner X goes out in the normal course of business and strikes a deal with Store B, the act will bind partner Y even if it was against his wishes.The good news is that if a partner acts outside the scope of the partnership’s business, other partners will not be liable for that act.

An example would be if a partner of a concrete factory when out and struck an unrelated deal, out of the course of normal business, with a tennis shoe lace company. In this scenario, the partnership would not be held accountable for the acts of that partner. The caveat here is the law protects injured third parties if they reasonably believed the acts of a partner were in the scope of business. Another important concept is the fiduciary duties between partners. This means there is a duty of loyalty and to act in the partnership’s best interest. This article serves as a very basic and introductory beginning to partnership, but there are many other rules and exceptions to learn on the subject.

3 Facts About an Employment Criminal Background Check

In this article I would like to give you several facts about an employment criminal background check, so you would be better equipped to decide on whether you want to do it yourself or you can resort to outsourcing it. Here is the first fact: Today most information on an employment criminal background check can be found online. Most databases, run by various official institutions, such as local sheriffs’ offices and others, are open to the public and can be found online. So, basically, you could find certain information on your job applicants without even having to leave your office. Though, you need to posses certain online search skills to do so. Here is the second fact: There is NO one criminal report database in the USA. Every county and every state may have several different criminal report databases, which contain various information on people, starting with their driving reports, such as driving drunk or over speeding to crime convictions. All of them are open to the public, but searching through few will not give you reliable information on a person. There is only one Federal database with all the data in it, but it is NOT open to public and can be used only by the FBI.

Here is the fact number three: If you make the right choice on selecting your private employment criminal background check company, you may receive relevant and thoroughly search information on your job applicants from all the 50 states. In some cases, your agency may even have to request documents from law institutions and other places to provide you with complete data. I hope knowing these three facts can help you in making a complete and thorough employment criminal background check up on your prospective employees. You are free to contact us concerning the same or if you want any help.

What Is Family Law?

Family law includes all those laws that may affect you if you get married, separated, or divorced. It includes the laws that deal with marriage contracts, property division, child custody, access and support as well as spousal support. Family law is complex but there are many ways you can inform yourself about family law and your options. Your local family court will have a Family Law Information Center that can provide you with information for families separating, guides to court procedures, and information about mediation services in your community. In addition, family courts may provide you with access to family lawyers for advice. It is important to know that, with the exception of divorce, you do not have to go to court to settle your family law issues. Separation agreements are often an effective way to settle all issues surrounding your separation from your spouse including child custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of family property, and any other issues that arise from the marriage. An agreement cannot make a divorce effective. Only a court can grant a divorce.

It is recommended that you seek the advice of a family lawyer whether you are seeking information of marriage contracts or separating from your spouse. A family lawyer will ensure that you understand your legal entitlements. This article is not intended to provide legal advice. It is recommended that you consult your family lawyer for advice concerning your particular case.