Qui Tam Lawsuit in Columbia, SC

Fraud in Columbia Can Lead to a Whistleblower Lawsuit

South Carolina Qui Tam AttorneyWhat is a whistleblower lawsuit? These types of lawsuits, also known as qui tam lawsuits, help protect average citizens from financial or safety claim fraud. The False Claims Act, which was strengthened by Congress to better protect whistleblowers in 1986, protects employees and former employees of businesses who know that their employer has committed fraud against the government, whether it is lying about Medicare charges or paying illegal kickbacks.

To bring a qui tam action under the statute, an individual must have personal knowledge and actual evidence of fraud. Successful qui tam claimants will be rewarded a portion of the money the government recovers. To have a greater chance at success, retaining a South Carolina Qui Tam Attorney is critical.

Businesses are not legally allowed to fire employees who bring forward whistleblower complaints, but many employers do retaliate against those who try to stop their illicit business practices.

South Carolina Whistleblowers Need Protection

Most employees will try to work with their employers before bringing forward a whistleblower or qui tam lawsuit. If that fails, however, an employee that has personal knowledge and evidence of their company’s fraud may bring forward a qui tam lawsuit against the business.

While the U.S. Justice Department only joins about 25% of qui tam cases, the cases it does participate in are settled or won over 85 percent of the time. If the Justice Department declines to join your qui tam case, the odds of success drop to 20 percent. While this does not make the suit impossible, it does emphasize the importance of using an attorney from the beginning to present the government with the strongest case possible.

My Company Fired Me For Filing a Qui Tam Lawsuit!

If you are a whistleblower and you have experienced retaliation from your employer, you should contact a qui tam attorney for assistance immediately. We are here to help.

South Carolina And Qui Tam Suits

Greenville Residents Kept Safe with Qui Tam Lawsuits

South Carolina Qui Tam AttorneyQui Tam lawsuits are also called whistleblower lawsuits, and are defined by the False Claims Act as a way for average citizens to protect cities and businesses from fraudulent practices and illegal kickbacks. Fraudulent billing practices and lying to the government about safety issues can cause harm to the general population, so it is important if an employee knows about fraud occurring within a company or government contractor that they file a lawsuit, called a whistleblower lawsuit using an experienced South Carolina Qui Tam Lawyer.

It is a provision of the Federal Civil False Claims Act that allows a private citizen to file a suit, in the name of the U.S. Government, charging fraud by government contractors and other entities that receive or use government funds. Bolstered by amendments passed by Congress in 1986, the law has armed private citizens who have independent and direct knowledge of fraud, whether financial institution fraud or Medicare fraud, with a weapon to prosecute government contractors and others who are defrauding the Government.

South Carolina Qui Tam / Whistleblower Lawsuits

Many employees normally file qui tam actions against their employers after repeated attempts to resolve the issues internally have met with negative results. This can be as simple as an employee calling into a compliance hotline or something as serious as reporting the incident to a supervisor. However, employees who file a qui tam action, or those that assist in furthering an action, are legally protected against job retaliation by the employer.

Another common type of whistleblower that files a qui tam action is a former employee who has direct knowledge of fraud on the part of their former employer. In many cases, the former employee was terminated, or quit under duress, for trying to blow the whistle internally.

My Company Is Committing Fraud, Should I File A Qui Tam Lawsuit?

If you are personally aware of a fraud that has been committed by your current or former employer, a competitor or otherwise, the Qui Tam attorneys can help you prepare your whistleblower lawsuit.